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Name: C E maitland   Email: hidden
Date: 15 August 2008   Country: Australia
Hi, I am Irish but have lived in Australia for over thirty years.I grew up in Portadown and we had a lot of wade in the home that we played with. I do not know what happened to all those pieces of Wade. I now have been collecting for several years and have quite a few pieces. Some I have found in markets and Opportunity shops. It is getting harder to find pieces here so when I go on a visit back to Ireland I buy up a lot there. I did not realize when I started to collect that so many people out there were collecting also. I will continue to look for Wade.
Name: Kim   Email: hidden
Date: 10 July 2008   Country: United Kingdom
I have a Wade 'beer barrel' mug (brown with silver bands). It must be 30 years+. It has a black stamp 'MADE IN IRELAND BY Wade'. Is there anyone out there that can tell me a bit about this mug? I would like to be able to pass it on to my daughter with a bit of 'history'.

Many thanks
Name: clint tuttle   Email: hidden
Date: 21 May 2008   Country: Canada
avid collector
Name: Kathy Cardno   Email: hidden
Date: 05 May 2008   Country: New Zealand
I first gave my mother the sugar and cream jug in the Mourne series when it first became available in New Zealand. We have tried to collect all the 16 pieces of the series over the years but the salt and pepper pieces have eluded us and we have the preserve pot without a lid. I would love to be able to complete the set for my mother as we have all the other pieces that we have purchased on ebay, trademe and in antique shops around NZ. My husband and I will be travelling to Ireland in July 2008 and I would be pleased to catch up with anyone who has a surplus of these items that I could purchase. We consider the Mourne series to be the most beautiful of the Irish Wade.
Name: Chris   Email: hidden
Date: 24 February 2008   Country: Canada
Great & Very interesting site as well as informative.I have been an avid collector of Irish Wade for some time now and will be till I cannot fill anymore cabinets .
Keep up the good work and a BIG Thank You to All that makes Wadeing possible.
God Bless
Name: Tim Marsett   Email: hidden
Date: 09 February 2008   Country: United States of America
My mother was Irish and I own several pieces of Wade I own Larry and Lester the Lep Twins an Irish Wade Mourne Large Vase and an Irish Wade Mourne Covered Pin Box with Rose Pattern on the lid. If any one has any info on these item ( esp. the pin box) Please e-mail me. Also any values for insurance and to let my heirs know. I also own a tankaed with a hunting scene and a cup with a coach scene. (These items are not for sale) Thank You TIM
Name: Anna Borsey   Email: hidden
Date: 01 February 2008   Country: United Kingdom
Jennifer dear,
I would be delighted to hear from you!
A great many years have gone by; a lot has happened, but I still think of all of you. Is your Mama still alive? I have tried to do Internet searches in an effort to locate you, but, of course, I didnīt know your married name!
My e-mail address is:
I am now living in Eastbourne, Sussex - after nearly four years away from the U.K.
I contributed a number of digital photos but I donīt know if they arrived too late to be included in the Irish Wade Book.
I too have bought a few Jim Borsey pieces in later years: one in a charity shop in Brighton; one in an antiques market in Lewes; one in a house clearance shop in Eastbourne (only about three weeks ago!) - this last piece is a "Shamrock" sugar bowl, which was only priced at Ģ5!
Regards and my very best wishes to all of you,
Anna Victorin Borsey
Name: Judy C Skellie   Email: hidden
Date: 19 December 2007   Country: United States of America
Had the pleasure of visiting Wade shop, in 1990, while staying with cousins in Portadown. Shopped in Wades' retail store, on premises and bought several pieces. Also "picked" the dump site, while factory closed in July. Cleaned and brought several jugs, cups, candle holders back with me. So disappointed, when I returned in 2006, to learn Wades had closed. I am so lucky to have relatives and friends there giving me pieces to add to my collection.
Name: AHEMD LI   Email: hidden
Date: 26 November 2007   Country: United Kingdom
i love it so much
Name: Irene Malchaski   Email: hidden
Date: 21 November 2007   Country: United States of America
Imagine my delight several months ago to meet Iris Carryer and listen to her recollections of her life in Northern Ireland after the war. I was especially touched by her humour as well as her loving thoughts and memories of the people who worked so hard at Wade Ireland.
As a child I collected the Lady and Tramp Hat Box Series of Whimsies - never in my wildest dreams did I think one day I would have the whole history as well as the friendship of the lady who brought them to us.

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