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Name: Maura McAtamney   Email: hidden
Date: 23 October 2006   Country: United Kingdom
I was an ex employee at Wades in Portadown and worked there for 6 years. John Truckle was my forman in the turning shop. I have fond memories of the Wade factory.
Name: Sue Cumming   Email: hidden
Date: 08 September 2006   Country: Australia
Delighted to stumble on this site as I've been collecting Irish Wade porcelain for a few years now, not too knowledgably! Just enjoy the hunt these days as I started buying pieces just because I liked the look of it. Haunt the local garage sales, auctions, trash-n-treasure markets and occasionally go up market into the local antique shops. Mainly the bluey/green Irish ones though I picked up some of the dark yellowy British antique cars series en route - I'm too afraid to go down the Whimsey path as there is just so much available out there it could turn into an obsession! I'm looking forward to the book as it has been fascinating trying to sort out the differing factory labels/makers' marks on various pieces - I've had fun inventing a history for the various changes over the years... Availability and prices for Wade seem to fluctuate considerably within Australia, but it does make life interesting, don't it? Best wishes to all.
Name: Chris Bright   Email: hidden
Date: 03 September 2006   Country: United Kingdom
We have quite a collection of Irish Wade and would be interested in the new book and any information about Wade Ireland.
Name: Mrs W. Stevens   Email: hidden
Date: 02 September 2006   Country: United Kingdom
I visited your site sometime ago it's great to see how it has grown. Wonderful pictures and smashing comments from everyone who has visited your site. I have been collecting Wade for many years and have a good collection of irish and other pieces of wade. I just wish that I had a bigger house, and more money to collect even more! Keep up the great work many thanks Wendy
Name: Shane Connor   Email: hidden
Date: 02 September 2006   Country: United States of America
I collect anything with the leprechauns and toadstool's transfer on it!
Name: Gail Whitchurch   Email: hidden
Date: 29 August 2006   Country: United States of America
Thanks for all your hard work on this, Harry and Peter. Just bought my first piece of Wade a couple of weeks ago. Hope to visit the exhibition.
Name: Robert Clayton   Email: hidden
Date: 28 August 2006   Country: Australia
Having been a keen collector of Irish Wade for a number of years would love to make the trip Ireland for the Exhibition next year, also obtain the Wade Ireland book when it comes out.
Name: Morris Hickman   Email: hidden
Date: 22 August 2006   Country: Canada
I was employed by Wades as a turner and worked along side Hendy Chambers who trained me. Hendy was well liked by all and considered "one of the best" .
Going to your website has brought back many fond memories for me.
In Canada I attend auctions were I often see Wade products offered for sale. I have a few pieces that were produced in my time at Wades but I often think of the many wonderful items with small defects,pinholes etc., that were broken up in the dump at the back of the factory.
Name: Laura Robertson   Email: hidden
Date: 25 July 2006   Country: United States of America
I just bought my first pieces at a yard sale. 2 sets of Leaf dishes, one green set and one tan/brown set. I was looking to find some info on them and found this site. Very nice and exciting to see so many pieces. I will be looking to add more to my collection
Name: Jennifer (Borsey) McCann   Email: hidden
Date: 25 June 2006   Country: United Kingdom
Jim Borsey (Snr) was my father. Grew up with Wade pieces around the house, A lot got broken when we were kids, wish I had them now. A few survived but I have started to collect again. I have been given quite a few pieces and have bought some through ebay. Also can still come across pieces at car boot sales. I'm looking forward to the book.
Nice to see my sister in law Anna has signed the Guest Book. would like to hear from her if she wants to get in touch with me. Good luck, Jennifer

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