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Name: eileen mcclements   Email: hidden
Date: 30 August 2011   Country: United Kingdom
i am searching for my relatives known as mcclements or mcgowan, one of my family lived in kilkeean rd ballymoney count antrim if you could help in any way i would be most grateful thank you eileen mcclements
Name: ronnie   Email: hidden
Date: 29 July 2011   Country: United Kingdom
I have been left some wade from my granny who was from portadown. Have always been aware of wade as have grown up with it but never really looked into it in detail. Have just ordered my book from wade ireland and am looking forward to learning more. Am loving this wee site.
Name: becky   Email: hidden
Date: 24 May 2011   Country: United Kingdom
Hi there I HAVE seen a post on the guestbook enquiring about the wade SILENTNIGHT HIPPO MONEYBOX , i have one of these still in the box in perfect condition. If anyone is interest please email me thanks.
Name: Des Breen   Email: hidden
Date: 02 April 2011   Country: Australia
Hi Allie from the USA. The best way to learn about Irish Wade [which has a very interesting history both in terms of the products made and the people who produced them] is to buy the book advertised on this site, as I have done. It's an easy read and very informative. What's more its well written and accurate in terms of both content and detail. Regards
Name: Allie   Email: hidden
Date: 17 March 2011   Country: United States of America
I learned of Irish Wade pottery just today. Last night my family was given two small shamrock spoon rests (from what we can determine) with a back stamp reading "Irish Porcelain -MADE IN IRELAND BY WADE CO.ARMAGH," including a shamrock outline. Today I began searching online and ran across this site.

I'm hoping they are legitimate because I fell in love with them immediately!

Would love to learn much more about Irish Wade and its history.
Name: Charles   Email: hidden
Date: 13 March 2011   Country: United Kingdom
Thanks for the information! Great Wade Ireland stuff! About me:
Name: Des Breen   Email: hidden
Date: 17 December 2010   Country: Australia
Australian Collectors check the just published "Summer" edition of the quarterly magazine "Antiques & Collectables for Pleasure and Profit" which includes a feature on Irish Wade.
Name: Jackie Buisman   Email: hidden
Date: 12 December 2010   Country: United States of America
I am very fond of my Irish Jaunting Car mug marked with a G inside the clover. In early 60's I bought two mugs in Canada. One for my mother and one for my husband. Both have died and I realized how special my one mug is to me because of fondest memories. For sentimental reasons, I recently purchases two more, one with a K and one with a B from eBay.

Now I am curious of the history of these with the different markings. Also what are other designs done on this wonderful mug? So I did an internet search and found this site.
Name: CHRISTINE GRUDINSKAS   Email: hidden
Date: 19 October 2010   Country: United States of America
I bought the Raindrops teapot and creamer and sugarer in Bermuda in 1971, on vacation with my mother and sister. Later my mom brought me "Larry and Lester" on another trip to Bermuda. I never saw any more of what I called "Irish Cottage Porcelain" until a few years ago at the antique sales at Brimfield, MA. Now I am thrilled to find this website and see some of my pieces and finally know something about them!
Name: alison everest   Email: hidden
Date: 17 August 2010   Country: United Kingdom
hi when i was little my mum hd lots of wade but due to family hardships she had to sell it i use to love looking at all the little animals she had and vowed when i had my own home to collect it myself and now i have some lovely pieces and often look up what i have got and the only 2 pieces i cant find are really anoing me wonderd if any one could help i haev a red square table lighter made by wade with imperil written on itand a red square ashtray with imperial written on it and would love to find out more about these items.

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